We work hard to understand the buyers needs, and locate the highest quality properties at the right price. Our Partners have been through the relocation process of moving to the US, and understand the potential hazards both for you and your business. Our clients value our ability to empathize with their specific needs, our commitment to interpreting and delivering on the brief and experience in negotiating and transacting on the acquisition.

Case Studies – Modern Venice Home acquired in behalf of Tech Start up. 

The Brief: To find a stunning open plan home and work space based in Venice ‘Silicon Beach’. Due to the nature of the business, they need an amazingly designed space to film commercials in. 

HD Buyers Process Why brief 20 different agents across Los Angeles when you can talk to us? We will provide you with impartial advice and a full service offering for your real estate needs. Rely on our independence and experience, safe in the knowledge that we have no allegiance to particular sellers.

Initial Meeting – Before appointing us to work on your behalf, you will meet with one of our partners, who will explain more about how we work. It will also be important for us to understand your brief, this is an big decision so we need to know what is critical to you, the client. 

Explanatory tours – It is important to test the brief, especially for clients who have not lived in Los Angeles before, as there are so many different areas, it is worthwhile going through the process of education. You may not have considered areas that might be more suitable to your style and work life. Obviously, if you know exactly where you want to be, the tours will be more property led. 

The Search – We will carry out a daily market search for you, updating you on anything new that comes to the market. We will use our large network of other brokers, developers and owners to make sure you are aware of off market opportunities when they come up, we use creative methods in order to find the right property for you. 

Impartial Advice – Once you have selected the desired property, we will run an appraisal, based on local comparable information. If you require information on refurbishing or redesigning your home, our in house architect and interior design team will be able to help put together a budget and timeline for you. 

Submitting Offer and Tactics – It is important to make sure your offer is as compelling as possible. Understanding the sellers circumstances and emphasising your strengths, is key in a negotiation. We will advise on the appropriate offer price and strategy to implement for the purchase. 

Transaction – Once escrow has been opened we will oversee every aspect of the due diligence process, insuring that the acquisition will run smoothly. Our team has dealt with 100’s if not 1000’s of transactions, this invaluable experience will ensure a favorable outcome with the sellers representatives, if there are any unforeseen issues. Our goal will be to make sure close of escrow happens in a timely manner.