Looking to Sell?

Now is the perfect time to sell, its a Sellers market, which means multiple offers to choose from and quick close. You’ll be trading the equity in your home for the extra space or more desirable location for you. With us you’ll experience end to end customer service as we manage your disposal and acquisition seamlessly.

About us – 30 years experience / Located in Venice Beach, LA since 2007 / International Reach / 100’s closings

We use the latest social media marketing tools to target qualified buyers for your property. We run a complex third party media platform for people moving to LA and you will benefit from the new interest this will generate in those not currently active in the market. A significant number of sales in LA come people relocating from NY, San Fransisco, Europe, and China.

Often our Sellers were clients we represented in the purchase, some looking to capture their capital gain before taxes are paid on the appreciated value (married couples allowance is $500,000 free from capital gains tax).

Before allowing our clients to market their property we will advise on maintenance and staging to achieve the best market price. Our Architect and Interior Design affiliate partners have helped clients achieve the highest sold prices in  the neighborhood and we understand the value of great presentation.

As active Buyers Agents we’ll first bring the property to our Buyers who meet the criteria for the sale price, before taking the property to the Open Market. This can be advantageous to Sellers where the property has a tenant or a situation where open market is less desirable. 

Transaction Process

Gauging the strength of the market is something we are better adapt at for our Sellers as we know how competitive each neighborhood is as a Buyer.

Closing with a Buyer in a Sellers market is not without challenges. Appraisal can be one, and pre-qualifying Buyers before entering escrow is a part of our process. We will steer the process whether working with an in house Buyers Agent or an outside Brokerage to safeguard the process for all parties. Knowing where to assist the Buyers is critical to a smooth close.